Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Changing boarding station for train tickets

If by chance, you have missed to put the boarding point when you are booking through Internet, there is one option to get it corrected. Though it is given in the railway help guide, but the information is well hidden or we simply over look it. There can be some serious problems like berths allotted to other people by TTE if you don't turn up to the wrongly selected boarding point. So it is always safer to correct the boarding point.

The procedure for changing the boarding point is as follows:

1. Take the print out of the ticket
2. Fill the details of the ticket in the regular reservation form
3. Go to any railway ticket booking counter, show the ticket and request them to change the boarding point.
4. They will update the same in the system. I am not clear whether they will provide you with a new ticket or not. For me since, I booked through clear trip they did not give me a new ticket. Anyway, you can ask at the counter to get it clarified.

In addition to changing boarding point, with effect from November 2008, Railways has amended its rule of changing passenger name for e-tickets also. Two of the FAQ's in the www.irctc.co.in reads like this:

Question: How can I modify the details of my ticket?
Answer: A. Postponement / Advancement of journey, Change of passenger details, Change of boarding point etc, can be done across any Reservation counters subject to existing Railway rules. Payment, if any, has to be paid in Cash

Question: How do I change the boarding point and name of the passenger for e-tickets?
Answer: For getting these facilities, customer can now approach the nearest Railway Reservation Office with ‘Electronic Reservation Slip’ print out and photo identity proof of one of the passenger traveling in the ticket at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure of train as per extant Railway rules.
• Such request will be granted once only.

Further reading: http://irctc.co.in/Eticket_new_cancel.html

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  1. Is this a rule that the change of boarding point formalities should be completed 24 hours before departure of the train. If we go between for change of boarding point less than 24 hours of departure but before charting will be done.